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Twins & Multiples

Twice the smiles, twice the love, two little blessings sent from above


Our Journey...

In 2015, my husband and I were blessed with twins.  After a long while of trying, it was quite a shock to suddenly have two on the way.  The first year, we found really daunting but as it all slowly started falling in to place, we could start to see just how special having twins (or more!!!) is.

I know that it is a whirlwind when they are newborns, but trust me that it really is an amazing stage to record their unique connection with beautiful professional photographs.  


I actually managed to do Oscar and Auri's first photo shoot when they were just 5 days old!

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"Thank Goodness it's at Home!!!"

As you know, I bring my photography studio to you so you don’t need to consider the logistics of getting to a studio across town.  I will work with your babies' needs, so if it's time for a feed, a nappy change or a jolly big cuddle, then that is exactly what we will do.


You can sit back and have a bit of a breather whilst I perform my photo shoot of your precious twins or multiples.  


I have photographed many twins before and since having them myself, I just love rising to the additional challenge. I have always loved the dynamics of these shoots, with the additional joy of getting some breath-taking moments of the magic of multiples. 



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"We have Vicki coming to do our third Watch me Grow and family photographs, and my boys can't wait. I have energetic (!) 4 year old twins and a 1 year old and she has amazingly kept them all engaged and having fun throughout all the photo shoots. She has an amazing energy and way with the kids and the pictures are pretty great too!! Highly recommended, great value and so enjoyable to work with, thank you so much Vicki!!"  Sam Bull

As your little ones grow up, the connection between them takes on a whole new world.  Each multiple set is so different from the next and often each individual is so very different from its sibling. I know mine certainly are.  


I will capture this with gentleness and honesty throughout our photo shoot time together.  The whole experience will be natural and relaxed, yet fun and full of energy to capture their true personalities, their individuality and their connectedness to one another.


After 17 years of photographing children you can trust that I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to keep you kiddies and babies engaged and happy throughout your shoot.


Much Twin-kley Love, Vicki xxx